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School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Affiliated Faculty

Professor Miriam Barlow
Associate Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology
(209) 228-4174
S&E1, Room 310
Professor Linda Cameron
Professor of Health Psychology
(209) 228-2252
SSM, Room 308A
Professor Jeff Gilger
Professor of Psychology
SSM, Room 306B
Erin Hestir
Associate Professor
Haiyan Liu
Assistant Professor
Professor Kurt Schnier
Professor of Economics
(209) 205-6461
COB2, Room 331
Professor Anna Song
Associate Professor of Health Psychology
(209) 228-4591
SSM, Room 310A
Professor Jan Wallander
Professor of Health Psychology
(209) 228-4028
SSM, Room 314A
Professor Deborah Wiebe
Professor of Health Psychology
(209) 228-4614
SSM, Room 308A