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Group of Public Health faculty and graduates standing in the Lantern at UC Merced

Building knowledge. Taking action. Empowering communities.

For the health of people everywhere.

We are an interdisciplinary department working to address central public health challenges of the 21st century. The Department was founded in 2016 to study a range of pressing health issues facing the people of the San Joaquin Valley, California, and beyond. We offer undergraduate B.A., B.Sc., and minor degree programs in Public Health, as well as a Ph.D. in Public Health. Students and faculty in the Department of Public Health prioritize research on regionally important challenges and leverage a participatory approach to build capacity in local communities. Our faculty and students form a vibrant and collegial intellectual community marked by outstanding scholarship and participation in interdisciplinary communities of inquiry.

Current departmental research emphasizes the effects of air quality on cardiorespiratory and perinatal health; structural racism and socioeconomic barriers as drivers of health inequities in infectious disease and cancer; Latino and immigrant health; the social epidemiology of mental and behavioral disorders; culturally and contextually responsive approaches to nutrition; and climate change and natural disasters as determinants of population health.

Our Mission

To promote and protect health in the

San Joaquín Valley and the world through our

research and the training of the next generation

of public health professionals and leaders.

Our Degree Programs

B.A. in Public Health

B.Sc. in Public Health (new!)

Minor in Public Health

Ph.D. in Public Health

Our People

15 core faculty

12 affiliated faculty

350 undergraduate majors

20 graduate students

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Key People

Department Chair: Asa Bradman, Ph.D.


Undergrad Program Chair: Andrea Joyce, Ph.D.


Graduate Program Chair: Sidra Goldman-Mellor, Ph.D., M.P.H.



The Public Health department is located in the Social Sciences & Management Building. Parking is available nearby in the North Bowl Parking Lot. Printable and interactive maps of UC Merced's location and campus are available at UC Merced Maps.


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