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Overview and Welcome

The Public Health major at University of California, Merced, provides undergraduate students with broad training in many areas of Public Health including Epidemiology, Health Promotion, Community Engagement, Biostatistics, and Environmental Health. The UC Merced is a vibrant diverse learning community. We offer both B.A. and B.S. degrees, as well as a minor, with a wide range of course offerings. Majors take PH 181, a capstone course for seniors which can involve an internship or final project. UC Merced has an excellent advising staff for undergraduate students to help guide them through their academic career towards their degree.

We strive to involve our undergraduate Public Health students in both on- and off-campus activities. Our students are involved in Undergraduate Research Opportunity Center (UROC) programs which engages students in research. These programs offer paid fellowships to conduct research and for professional training. Students also participate in faculty-led research and work with their research teams as undergraduate research assistants. UC Merced also has an active Undergraduate Public Health Society, a student-led club which brings together passionate individuals, encourages netwroking with Public Health professionals, promotes community service, and has lots of fun in the process!

Public Health Professor Andrea Joyce

Andrea Joyce, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair in Public Health

Updated Octpber 2023