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Public Health Society (PHS)

Prevent, Promote, Protect

The Hosts of the First-Ever UC Merced National Public Health Week


Public Health Society (PHS) is a team of UC Merced undergraduate students who collaborate to expand their understanding of the diverse opportunities within the field of Public Health. Together, we strive to create and access opportunities for learning while exploring the various dimensions and impacts of Public Health on communities. Guided by our three pillars - Prevent, Promote, Protect - PHS members actively participate in engaging with both local and international communities to share knowledge and apply what we learn. All majors are welcome!

Our Events & Programs

General body meetings: Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM. Granite Pass 115.

All students, regardless of their major, are welcome to participatein our activities. Join us for opportunities in professional development, crafts, community service, and social events, among many others!

Special Events

National Public Health Week


UC Merced National Public Health Week is an awareness week held the first week of April and hosted by the undergraduate student organization Public Health Society in partnership with UC Merced and the American Public Health Association. Overall, this week is geared towards undergraduate student exploration of the field of public health through learning activities, community service opportunities, virtual infographics, and more. The culmination of the week is marked by the Rural Health Research Symposium, where students and faculty can showcase health-related research at both undergraduate and graduate levels. We extend a warm invitation to the entire UC Merced campus to join us in celebrating this impactful awareness week.

Public Health Society Executive Board

The 2024-2025 Team

Meet the founding committee of UC Merced National Public Health Week! 

President: Neftali Sanchez
3rd year, Public Health Major

Vice President: Maya Perez
2nd year, Biology Major

Secretary: Noemi Montiel-Castro
2nd year, Biology Major, Public Health Minor

Treasurer: Daniela Alvarez
3rd year, Public Health and MBE Major

Public Relations: Crystal Gonzalez
2nd year, Public Health Major, Psychology Minor

Historian: Maria Reza
4th year, Public Health Major, Psychology and Sociology Minor

Outreach: Adriana Martinez Diaz
2nd year, Biology Major, Spanish Minor


Awards & Honors

2023 Success & Involvement Awards: Organization of the Year

Public Health Society is so honored to have received this award for bringing awareness to public health, creating partnerships across the UC system, and being recognized by the American Public Health Association. 

ABC30 News Feature

Public Health Society was featured by ABC30 for the historic UC Merced National Public Health Week!

Office of Student Involvement: April 2023 Newsletter Feature

Scroll to PDF Pages 10-11 to learn more from Public Health Society!

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