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Graduate Study FAQ

How do I apply?

Instructions on how to apply to our program can be found on our How do I Apply? page.

Is there funding for Ph.D. Students?

Yes. Many Ph.D. students are offered financial support through teaching assistantships. There are also a limited number of fellowships and graduate research assistantships available. For a full list of support sources at UC Merced, visit the Graduate Division's Financial Support page.

What courses will I be taking?

Our curriculum has a strong base of coursework, including courses in the five core areas of public health (environmental health, social and behavioral health, health services research, epidemiology, and statistics). A full description can be found on our Curriculum page.

What are the milestones I have to meet and the time to degree?

The Ph.D. is expected to take four to five years to complete. Students who enter with a Masters of Public Health or a related field can petition to have courses waived, which may shorten the length of time to completion of degree. A full description can be found on our Curriculum page.

What if I already have a Masters of Public Health or a clinical degree?

The planned course of Public Health graduate study includes a number of courses that constitute the basis of public health, which are standard across institutions. Students who have obtained a masters degree at another university may petition to have courses in the required course of study waived.

Updated 2021