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Linda Cameron

Professor Linda Cameron
Professional Title: 
Professor of Health Psychology
(209) 228-2252
SSM, Room 308A
Dr. Cameron's research focuses on developing health communications and psychosocial interventions for individuals who have or are at risk for illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. This research takes a self-regulation perspective by evaluation the cognitive and emotional processes influencing health behaviors and illness experiences. She focuses on both theoretical and applied aspects of issues in order to address the parallel goals of developing theoretically-based interventions and refining psychological theory. Her research has included the development and evaluation of psychosocial support programs for women with breast cancer, therapeutic writing techniques for stress management, and exercise therapy as an aid for smoking cessation. In her health communications research risk, she is exploring the impact of visual images and animations on responses to risk communications such as graphic warning labels for tobacco products and information about genetic testing for disease susceptibility.