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Nimrat Kaur Sandhu, M.D.

Nimrat Kaur Sandhu, M.D.
Professional Title: 
Graduate Student in the Brown Lab
Nimrat Kaur Sandhu is a Ph.D. student in the Public Health Department at the UC Merced. She is a physician by training and completed her medical education at Sri Guru Ramdas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in Amritsar, India. she received my Master’s in Public Health from Wayne State University of Medical and Public Health Sciences in Detroit, Michigan. She worked as a General practitioner of medicine and as an immunization officer for the Pulse Polio program in India. Her projects have included the setup of a Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) program for the prevention of HIV among college students at Wayne State University. She worked on quality improvement projects to reduce readmission rates among cognitively impaired COPD patients through caregiver education and the setup of an Oncostat clinic to reduce 30-day readmission rates among cancer patients. She is interested in trying to improve access to, the utilization of, and enhance the quality of healthcare services delivered to vulnerable communities. Her current research focuses on examining innovative models for the delivery of high-quality, integrated, and coordinated healthcare services using digital health interventions for agricultural workers in the California's San Joaquin Valley.