UC Merced students present research and receive awards at APHA

November 16, 2018

UC Merced had a strong showing at APHA in San Diego this month! Two of our graduate students gave oral presentations (Zahra Goliaei and Jazmine Kenny), and Andrea Lopez, Adriana Nunez, Ravi Singh, Jazmine Kenny, Tashelle Wright, Chia Thao, and Mechelle Perea-Ryan presented posters on topics ranging from challenges in Community-based Participatory Research partnerships, food insecurity among older adults, to new mothers’ decision-making about ER use, and contraceptive use among Hmong college students. Maria Elena de Trinidad Young, UC Chancellor’s Postdoc working with PH Assistant Professor Susana Ramirez, presented her work on the health consequences of criminalizing immigration policies.


Students, alumni (Van do Reynoso) and faculty (Nancy Burke, Ricardo Cisneros, Mariaelena Gonzalez, and Irene Yen) shared experiences and inspirations over dinner on Monday night, soon after Tashelle Wright and Jazmine Kenny received an honorable mention for the paper they developed with their mentor, PH Professor Nancy Burke, from the Rural and Environmental Health section of the Health and Aging Caucus of the APHA. Lastly, there was much interest in our growing graduate program shared at the booth Associate Professor Cisneros and PH graduate student David Lopez staffed in the convention center exhibition hall.