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School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Graduate Alumni

Kristina AllenKristina Allen, Ph.D.

Dr. Allen received a Ph.D. in Public Health. Her research interests include epidemiology, psychological disorder and suicidal behavior. Specifically, Kristina is interested in how adolescents' mental health is affected by their community and activities.

In 2012, Kristina graduated from the University of California, Merced with a B.A. in psychology. During her graduate studies in Developmental Psychology she studied learning disorders and how children with learning disorders process spatial information. 


Gilger, J. W., Allen, K., & Castillo, A. (2016). Reading disability and enhanced dynamic spatial reasoning: A review of the literature. Brain and Cognition, 105, 55–65.

Goldman-Mellor, S., Margerison-Zilko, C., Allen, K., & Cerda, M. (2016). Perceived and Objectively-Measured Neighborhood Violence and Adolescent Psychological Distress. Journal of Urban Health.

Van Do-ReynosoVan Do-Reynoso, Ph.D.

Dr. Van Do-Reynoso is director of the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department. 





Kevin KwanKevin Kwan, Ph.D.

Dr. Kwan is Research Scientist at the California State Department of Public Health for the Maternal and Adolescent Health Division




Andrea LopezAndrea Lopez, Ph.D.

Dr. Lopez is a postdoctoral fellow in UC Merced's Public Health department.





Mechelle Perea RyanMechelle Perea Ryan, Ph.D.

Dr. Ryan is Associate Professor at California State University, Stanislaus, School of Nursing.





Ritem SandhuRitem Sandhu, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandhu is a data analyst and consultant.





Dr. Ravi SinghRavi Singh, Ph.D.

Dr. Singh is an Epidemiologist at the Merced County Public Health Department.





Dr. David VelozDavid Veloz, Ph.D.

Dr. Veloz is teaching Health Science Research Methods at CSU Stanislaus. He is working to obtain a Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate, a digital credential that represents the mastery of seven different competencies targeting online teaching.