Beatriz Sosa-Prado, MS


Beatriz Sosa-Prado is a first-year doctoral student in Public Health at UC Merced. Beatriz’ research focuses on Latina/o Community Health, Acculturation, Nutrition and Health Disparities.  She is passionate about exploring the role plant-based nutrition plays in preventing and reversing obesity and type 2 diabetes among Latina/os. Specifically, she seeks to find strategies to effectively communicate nutrition and health information that is culturally-relevant and appropriate to Latino families. Prior to studying at UC Merced, Beatriz worked at Latino Health Access, an award-winning public health non-profit in Santa Ana, California. As a research assistant at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), UCLA and USC, she conducted community-based participatory research in Long Beach, East and South Los Angeles with Latino communities. She is a plant-based nutritionist and diabetes educator. Beatriz earned a B.A. in Psychology from UC Irvine and an M.S. in Health Science from CSULB. She is an activist and advocate for human rights, social justice and the environment. She enjoys spending time with her husband, watching thought-provoking films, weight training, traveling, exploring nature, and listening to The Beatles.